2 year old Indian girl stuck in Germany, ruckus in India, what is the matter?

2 Year Old Indian Girl Stuck In Germany What Is The Uproar In India 2 Year Old Indian Girl Stuck In Germany What Is The Uproar In India Credit Instagram File Photo Pexels

A Lot Of Tweets Are Being Done On Social Media About The 2 Year Old Indian Girl, People Are Writing Boycott Germany, There Is A Demand To Bring The Girl To India.

In Their Posts, People Are Expressing A Lot Of Anger About Germany, Some Time Before This Also Similar Posts Had Appeared, The Government Of India Is Also Trying In This Matter.

This Story Is About Ariha Shah, Daughter Of Gujarati Origin Dhara And Bhavesh Shah Living In Germany, Her Custody Case Is Getting Hot Again.

The Couple Went To Germany In 2018. Their Daughter Ariha Has Been In Foster Care In Germany For 20 Months, Which Means She Was Separated From Her Parents At The Age Of 7 Months.

After Diplomatic Pressure From The Government Of India, 59 Mps Have Written A Letter To The Ambassador Of Germany In Support Of Ariha Shah.

Ariha'S Family Is Hopeful That They Will Get Their Daughter Back Due To The Efforts Of The Government And The Letter From The People Of India.

Now Let'S Know About This Whole Matter, It Is About The Month Of September In The Year 2021, When Dhara Shah Saw Blood In Her Daughter'S Diaper.

After Initial Checkup Doctor Said Nothing Serious When She Went For Follow Up Was Asked To Go To Bigger Hospital

After This Seven-And-A-Half-Month-Old Ariha Was Sent To The German Child Line Service, The Doctors Said That There Was A Case Of Alleged Sexual Assault With Ariha.

After This, Ariha Was Sent To Foster Care. After Investigation, The Doctors Said That There Was No Sexual Abuse With The Girl. In 2022, The Police Closed The Case.

But Still The Girl Child Was Not Returned To The Family Child Line Service Upheld The Parenting Rights Termination Case In The Court I.E. The Girl Child Cannot Be Given To Her Parents

The Court Had Also Asked For A Psychological Examination Of The Girl'S Parents, Since Then There Is A War Going On To Hand Over The Girl Back To Her Family.

Dhara Shah Said That Only Parenting Skills Are Talked About In The Ongoing Hearing In The Court But No Order Has Come So Far, The Daughter Has Been Put In The Special Needs Facility, Why Has Our Normal Girl Child Been Put In It?

Indian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Arindam Bagchi Said That The Ministry Of External Affairs And The Indian Embassy In Berlin Are Making Continuous Efforts For Ariha'S Return.

He Said That The Girl Is An Indian Citizen Who Is In The Custody Of The Youth Welfare Office Of Germany Since 23 September 2021. She Has Been In Foster For The Last 20 Months.

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