30 year old actress in pain, troubled by hepatitis, said

In Pain, 30-Year-Old Actress Says She Wants To Live, Suffering From Hepatitis 28 July 2023 Photo Source Instagram

Renowned Actress Of Hindi And South Cinema Sana Maqbool Has Made Shocking Disclosure Sana Maqbool Is Ill

He Says His Career Took A Break After The Reality Show Khatron Ke Khiladi

It Is Due To Autoimmune Disease Hepatitis, Sana Is On Stage 4 And She Is Suffering A Lot.

In The Year 2020, In August, Sana Came To Know About Her Illness, In The First Year She Did Not Understand What Had Happened To Her.

When The Doctors Explained To Sana, She Could Not Tolerate This, Started Getting Upset, She Just Wanted To Live.

Sana'S Career Started Taking Off After Khatron Ke Khiladi That She Had To Take A Back Seat To Focus On Her Health.

Mentally Sana Is Suffering A Lot Since Last One And A Half Years, Her Hand Has Lost Her Work.

Along With This, Many Times She Wakes Up In The Morning With Swollen Face, Hands, Feet And Bloated Body.

There Has Been A Lot Of Hair Fall, As Well As She Is Facing The Problems Of Mood Swings, Sometimes She Does Not Even Feel Like Getting Up From The Bed.

With The Help Of A Nutritionist, She Is Focusing On Diet And Giving Her Body What It Needs.

Mentally And Physically, Sana'S Health Has Improved A Bit, Earlier She Was At F3F4 Stage But Due To Diet She Has Gone To F1F2 Stage.

Sana Says That When Samantha Told About This Problem, She Was Able To Understand Her Pain.

Sana Is Not Completely Now But Better Than Before. She Has Returned To Work. Sana Has Thanked Doctors And Nutritionists.

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