4 innocent girls, 6000 blue films and a crazy photographer

4 Innocent Girls 6000 Blue Films And A Crazy Photographer May 23, 2023

Tsutomu Miyazaki Was Born On August 21, 1962 In Tokyo, Japan, Was Handicapped Since Childhood, So Everyone Used To Make Fun Of Him.

People Don'T Make Fun Of Him, So He Doesn'T Talk To Anyone, He Stays Alone At Home, He Only Talks To His Grandfather.

Due To Being Alone, Since Childhood, He Had A Bad Habit Of Reading Pornographic Films And Magazines, He Was Not Interested Even In Studies.

Due To Low Marks In High School, He Did Not Get Admission Even In A Good University, Due To Which He Did A Course In Photography.

When Tsutomu Became A Photographer, He Used To Take Pictures Of Many Women And Then Masturbate At Home After Seeing Them.

Meanwhile, Sutomu'S Grandfather Died, Which Shocked Him So Much That He Even Ate The Ashes Of His Dead Body.

He Was So Fond Of Watching Blue Films That He Collected More Than 6000 Pornographic Video Tapes At Home.

The Matter Did Not End Here, He Started Making Girls His Victims To Fulfill His Physical Needs.

Between August 1988 And June 1989, He Raped 4 Innocent Girls, Cut Their Organs And Sent Them To Their Home Addresses.

The Age Of All The Girls Was Between 7 To 4 Years, But When He Started Making The Fifth Girl His Victim, He Was Caught.

He Was Presented In The Court, Sutomu Said That He Does Not Do All This Himself, But An Evil Spirit Hidden Inside Him Makes Him Do All This.

Sutomu Was Again Sentenced To Death By The Court, After Which He Was Hanged On July 17, 2008.

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