A day before returning to India... Anju said this on engagement with Pakistani friend

What Did Anju Say About Nasrullah Who Reached Pakistan A Day Before Returning To India?

Rajasthan'S Anju Has Reached Pakistan To Meet Her Facebook Friend Nasrullah, News Of Their Engagement Is Going On In The Media.

Meanwhile, In An Interview Given To Bbc, Anju Made It Clear That She Will Decide To Get Engaged Only After Seeing And Hearing Everything.

According To Anju, There Is No Pressure On Me To Convert To Islam For Marriage, She Herself Is Not In Favor Of Changing Religion For Marriage.

On Her Relationship With Nasrullah, Anju Said That Our Relationship Has Been Very Good So Far, Nasrullah'S Family Members Are Also Very Good.

Anju Says That Nasrullah Was Contacted Through Facebook In 2019-20 And Has Reached Pakistan To Meet Him.

After The Visa Is Over, Anju Can Return To India By August 20, She Entered Pakistan Via Wagah Border.

Whereas In Rajasthan, Her Husband Arvind Said That Anju Had Left Home On July 21 Saying That She Would Go To Jaipur But Reached Pakistan.

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