After delivery, the actress did the work she hated, made a video from the hospital

After Delivery, The Actress Did The Work She Hated From The Hospital, Video 28 July 2023 Photo Source Instagram

Actress Ishita Dutta Is Enjoying Motherhood, She Has Become The Mother Of A Little Prince Ishita Dutta Is Enjoying Motherhood

Ishita And Her Husband Are Making Every Moment Of Parenthood Memorable Together. Both The Families Have An Atmosphere Of Happiness.

The Actress Has Shared Her Old Video From The Hospital On Insta, In Which She Is Seen Drinking Tea.

In The Caption, She Told That I Hated Tea Throughout Pregnancy, But After Delivery, My First Craving Was To Drink Tea.

In The Video, Ishita Was Seen Enjoying A Sip Of Tea As If Her Heart Was At Peace After Drinking It.

Ishita Has Had A Normal Delivery, She Is Recovering Fast After Having A Baby. Vatsal Shared Ishita'S Photo From The Hospital.

Ishita And Her Husband Vatsal Are Doing Baby Duty Together, The Actor Also Works From Putting The Baby To Sleep To Changing Diapers.

Ishita Remained Very Active Throughout Her Pregnancy, Her Reels Entertained The Fans A Lot.

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