After frying the pakoras, the grease of the pan is not leaving? Follow these cleaning tips

After Frying The Pakoras, The Grease Of The Pan Is Not Left, Follow These Cleaning Tips 28 July 2023 By In

After Frying Pakodas, Pooris, Kachoris, Etc., Grease Remains In The Wok. Kadhai Cleaning Tips

Even If The Wok Is Cleaned Everyday, Still It Remains Greasy.

If You Want To Completely Eliminate The Smoothness Of The Pan, Then Apart From Washing It With The Dishwasher, Try Some Cleaning Tips, Let Us Know.

Apart From Soap, Use Lemon And Salt To Clean The Smooth Pan.

Apply Salt On The Top Of The Lemon And Rub It All Over The Pan, If You Do This 23 Times A Week, There Will Never Be Any Grease In The Pan.

Put Baking Soda In Water And Heat It, Cleaning The Wok With This Water Will Remove The Dirt Along With Smoothness.

If Such A Thick Layer Of Dirt Has Accumulated On Your Pan, Which Is Not Removed By Removing It, Then Take The Help Of Casting Soda Credit Getty Images

Put Some Water In The Pan And Put 1 Spoon Of Casting Soda, Wear Gloves On Your Hands And Keep Your Eyes Away.

After A While Foam Will Start Forming In The Pan, Throw It While Stirring, All The Dirt Will Be Removed From The Pan Credit Getty Images

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