As soon as the girl got down from Rapido, the driver started sending obscene messages, see

The Girl Started Sending Obscene Messages To The Driver As Soon As She Got Down From The Rapido The Girl Started Sending Obscene Messages To The Driver As Soon As She Got Down From Rapido Credit Social Media Pexels Pixabay

There Is Hardly Any Safe Place Left In The World For Women, They Have To Think Four Times About Their Safety Only After Leaving The House.

In Many Cases, It Has Also Been Seen That Women Are Not Safe Even In Their Homes. A Similar Case Has Come To The Fore From Bengaluru As Well.

After Which You Will Start Thinking How Insecure Women Have Become Now. A Girl Named Athira Has Shared Her Story On Twitter. She Has Told That Rapido Driver Started Sending Her Obscene Messages.

Atheera Has Shared Whatsapp Chats Bengaluru Police Has Also Taken Cognizance Of The Matter Later Athira Had Participated In A Protest In Bengaluru

He Had To Book An Auto Which Was Not Available So He Was Forced To Book Rapido I.E. Bike Athira Wrote During The Journey We Reached A Deserted Area Where No Other Vehicle Was Visible Around

She Writes That It Is Surprising That The Driver Started Riding The Bike With One Hand And Was Also Doing Obscene Acts. I Was Afraid Of My Safety, So I Remained Silent During That Time.

I Asked Him To Drop Me 200 Meters Before To Hide The Location Of My House When I Landed He Started Calling And Messaging Me On Whatsapp Continuously

After This, Athira Had To Block His Number. She Has Also Shared Screenshots Of The Driver'S Message. Seeing Her Post, People On Twitter Expressed Surprise.

Girls Are No Longer Safe Even After Booking Rapido To Reach Home But Athira Is Not The Only Woman To Suffer

Rather Know How Many Women Across The Country Have To Face Similar Problems. Police Have Registered A Complaint In The Matter.

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