Baby farmer who killed 400 children, a packet revealed the whole secret

One Packet Of Baby Farmer Who Killed 400 Children Reveals The Secret By In

On 4 April 1896, A Fisherman Found The Body Of A Little Girl, Less Than A Year Old, Wrapped In A Packet In The River Thames.

A White Tape Was Wrapped Around Her Neck, It Appeared That The Child Had Been Strangled To Death With This Tape

Along With This, A Paper Was Also With The Dead Body, In Which The Address Of A House Was Written, The Fisherman Immediately Informed The Police.

The Police Took The Dead Body Into Custody, Then Reached The Address Which Was Written In That Paper, It Was The Address Of A Woman Named Amelia Dyer.

As Soon As The Police Took Entry In Amelia'S House, They Smelled Human Flesh There, They Also Found Vaccination Papers And Clothes Of Small Children.

With This, He Got Some Newspapers In Which It Was Found That Amelia Had Printed Advertisements Of Baby Farming Under Many Names.

There The Police Also Found The Same Paper And Tape Which Were Found Near The Dead Body Of The Girl. The Police Immediately Started The Dragging Operation.

During That Dragging Operation, The Police Found The Bodies Of More Than 50 Children From The River. During Interrogation, Amelia Told That She Had Killed More Than 400 Children.

Amelia Told That People Used To Leave Their Children With Her For Baby Farming, In Return She Got A Lot Of Money.

She Had To Take Care Of Those Children Until Another Couple Adopted Those Children. She Did Not Want To Bear The Expenses Of The Children.

That'S Why She Did Not Adopt The Children By Taking Money, But Killed Them So That She Would Not Have To Bear The Expenses Of Those Children.

For This Crime, The Court Sentenced Amelia To Death, After Which She Was Hanged On 10 June 1896.

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