Both the daughters of the king of Spain are like fairies, see photos

Both The Daughters Of The King Of Spain Are Like Fairies, See The Royal Beauty In Photos

King Philip Ii Of Spain And Queen Letizia Have Two Daughters

Both The Daughters Of King Philip Ie The Princesses Of Spain Are Very Beautiful

The Elder Princess Leonor Is 17 Years Old, While The King'S Younger Daughter Sofia Is Only 15 Years Old.

There Is Also A Lot Of Love Between These Two Sisters Of The Royal Family, Which Is Also Seen In Public Places.

Princess Leonor And Sofia Are Often Seen Together In Public

17-Year-Old Princess Leonor Is The Crown Princess Of Spain, Which Means She Is The Next In Line To The Throne.

King Philip And Queen Letizia Are Also Often Seen On Outings With Their Two Daughters.

Princess Leonor And Sofia With King Philip And Queen Letizia In The Photo

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