Crores were spent to look like barbie, the person became something else

The Person Who Spent Crores To Look Like Barbie Became Something Else Photos The Person Who Spent Crores To Look Like Barbie Became Something Else Photos Credit Instagramlondonoli

This Person Spent More Than 246 Crores To Look Like A Barbie Doll, He Had To Undergo 32 Operations

But Now He Is Forced To Live Like Ken. 33-Year-Old Oli London Has Also Done Cat Eye Surgery, He Is Trans.

She Changed Her Name To Rose London, Now She Wants To Look Like A Man, She Regrets Her Past Decisions

In The Process Of Becoming Barbie, He Began To Look Like A Woman, But He Did Not Become A Complete Barbie, And Ken Was Forced To Live Like A Male Character Of Barbie.

Oli'S Friend Aaliya Roja Also Dresses Like Barbie, Both Of Them Go Out Like A Couple Wearing Such A Dress.

Oli Says That I Have Changed My Face So Much That The Muscles Of The Face Have Become Paralyzed, Even While Yawning, The Face Changes, It Is Painful.

He Said I Regret It A Lot But I Am Happy With My Cane Look With Small Nose And Small Eyes

When Oli Came To Know That He Was Trans, He Started Living Like A Barbie, But Now He Is Once Again Living Like A Man.

At The Same Time, His Girlfriend Alia Has Also Spent Crores Of Rupees To Look Like Barbie, Both Of Them Went To The Cannes Film Festival Last Year By Becoming Barbie.

But This Year Oli Has Become A Man Again, He Says That After Becoming A Woman, He Got A Lot Of Praise And Love But Still Felt Something Missing.

At First It Was Thought That Being Trans Was Causing Gender Issues, But Later It Was Found That Even Surgery Did Not Bring Happiness.

He Said That After The Operation He Had To Undergo Therapy, He Also Went To Church, Then He Realized That He Would Continue To Be Ken, It Is Not Even Dangerous For Him.

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