Dangerous! Bike was bathed with petrol at the pump, people got angry, Video

The Entire Petrol Pump Was Blown Away, People Got Angry After Seeing This Act Of A Bullet Rider Video

A Video Has Surfaced On Social Media In Which A Young Man Is Seen Dousing The Bike With Petrol.

The Surprising Thing Is That The Young Man Did This Act While Standing At The Petrol Pump, Seeing Which People Got Angry.

The Young Man Is Getting The Video Shot With Full Attitude, The System Is Running On The Haryanvi Song System In The Background.

This Viral Video Is Being Told From Amroha In Up, Twitter Users Have Tagged The Police And Demanded Action Against The Youth.

In Response, The Up Police Has Directed The Amroha Police To Investigate And Take Necessary Legal Action.

By Commenting On Social Media, People Said That This Act Of The Young Man Could Have Proved Fatal For The Reel.

At The Same Time, Some People Raised The Question That How Did The Petrol Pump Worker Allow Him To Do So.

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