Death happened in the desire to be alone, big disclosure from the diary

Died Due To The Desire To Be Alone, A Big Revelation From The Diary

Christopher Mccandless Was Born On 12 November 1968 In California, Usa, Where He Lived With His Parents And 6 Siblings.

After Completing His 12Th Standard, He Shifted To Virginia With His Family, Then One Day He Returned To California For Some Work.

There He Came To Know That He Also Has A Stepmother Who Is Alive, Despite That He Had Married Another I.E. Christopher'S Mother.

Christopher Is Shocked To Learn That His Father Still Visits His First Wife. He Decides That He Will No Longer Live With The Family.

Christopher Donated The 19 Lakh 86 Thousand He Had Earned By Doing A Part Time Job, Then Set Out On An Anonymous Journey, In Fact He Wanted To Live Such A Life.

He Made His Living By Begging, Now He Had Neither Home Nor Money, He Roamed Somewhere Throughout The Day And Slept Anywhere At Night.

By Doing This, He Covered A Distance Of Two And A Half Thousand Kilometers In One And A Half Year. He Had Kept His Name Hidden From The People.

While Doing This, One Day He Took A Lift From Someone And Reached Alaska, Where He Started Living By Eating Poisonous Fruits And Animals, Due To Which Poison Spread In His Body.

When He Got Tired Of Living There For A Long Time, He Wanted To Return To His Home, But He Had Become So Sick That He Did Not Have The Courage To Travel So Long.

Due To This He Got Stuck There There Was No One To Help Him. Days Passed And He Died Of Illness On The 114Th Day.

In Fact, Ever Since He Reached Alaska, He Used To Write Something Or The Other In His Diary, From This It Was Known That When He Died Because There Was No Entry In The Diary After The 113Th Day.

Later On 6 September 1992, Two Hikers Found Christopher'S Dead Body Inside An Abandoned Bus At The Same Place.

He Informed The Police About This, The Post-Mortem Revealed That He Was Only 27 Kg At The Time Of Death, He Died After Eating Poisonous Fruits.

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