Does paneer harden after cooking? If made like this it will remain soft

Paneer Becomes Hard After Making Vegetable, If You Make It Like This, It Will Remain Soft 24 July 2023 By In

Who Does Not Like The Taste Of Paneer Vegetable, The Variety Of This Vegetable Is Also Not Less Soft Paneer Tips

Paneer Curry Is Definitely Made From Big Restaurants To Homes, Without Paneer The Menu Card Of Every Vegetarian Is Incomplete.

Many People Who Make Paneer At Home Complain That Their Paneer Becomes Tight After Cooking.

On The Other Hand, The Cheese Of Dhaba Or Restaurant Is Very Soft, In Such A Situation, You Can Keep The Cheese Soft By Following Some Tips, Let'S Know

You Must Be Frying The Paneer Before Making The Vegetable, Remember That You Always Have To Take Fresh Paneer And Do Not Add Paneer Until The Oil In The Wok Is Well Heated.

First Heat The Oil Of The Pan, When There Is Smoke In It, Slow Down The Gas And Then Add Paneer And Fry It.

The Biggest Mistake People Make Is That After Frying Paneer, They Put It Directly In The Gravy, In Fact It Is Wrong To Do So, It Becomes Hard.

After Frying The Paneer, First Mix It In Lukewarm Water For 10-15 Minutes, Then Add It To The Vegetable, It Will Surely Remain Soft.

Also Pay Attention To Storing Paneer Always Store Paneer In Such A Part Of The Fridge Where It Is Not Too Cold

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