Eat spicy pear chutney with paratha, this is the recipe

Eat Spicy Pear Chutney With Paratha, This Is The Recipe 25 July 2023 By In

Pear Fruit Has Started Appearing In The Market These Days, It Is Good In Taste As Well As Beneficial For Health. Pear Fruit Chutney Credit Getty Images

Apart From Eating This Fruit Plain, You Can Also Enjoy The Taste By Making Tasty And Spicy Chutney From It Credit Getty Images

Pear 4 Green Chili 2 Roasted Cumin Powder 15 Tbsp Salt 1 Tsp Black Salt 1 Tsp Sugar Half Teaspoon Lemon Juice To Taste Ingredients Credit Getty Images

First Wash The Pears Thoroughly And Cut Them Into Pieces Credit Getty Images

After This Add Salt, Black Salt, Sugar And Green Chilies To The Pear Pieces And Grind Them Well Credit Getty Images

After Grinding, Add Lemon Juice And Mix. Pear Chutney Is Ready Credit Getty Images Click Here For Other Food News

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