Have you ever seen cakes being made in a factory? Will stop eating after watching the video

Have You Ever Seen Cakes Being Made In A Factory, You Will Stop Eating After Watching The Video Have You Ever Seen Cakes Being Made In A Factory, You Will Stop Eating After Watching The Video Credit Twitter

The Presence Of Cake Is Considered Very Important In Any Special Event, Whether It Is A Birthday, Marriage Or Anniversary, People Cut The Cake.

People Like Its Creamy Texture, But Have You Ever Seen Cakes Being Made In Large Quantities In Factories?

A Video Related To This Is Becoming Increasingly Viral On Social Media, In Which It Can Be Seen How Cakes Are Made In Large Quantities.

At The Beginning Of The Video, A Man Can Be Seen Breaking Eggs, Then Adding Flour And Sugar To It.

After This, It Is Whipped Well In The Machine, Then The Whole Mixture Is Put In A Big Vessel.

Then All The Batter Is Poured Into The Cake Plate, After Which The Cake Is Placed In The Oven To Bake.

After Being Baked, The Cake Is Layered With Cream, Then It Is Cut Into The Same Shape, After Which More Cream Is Applied To The Cake.

After Icing And Packing, The Cake Is Ready For Sale, During This It Was Seen That No One Wore Gloves And Hair Caps In The Factory.

It Is Written In The Caption Of The Post, I Did Not Know That Cakes Are Made Like This. Since The Video Was Shared, More Than 9 Lakh People Have Watched It.

The Video Has Been Liked By More Than 6 Thousand People While Many People Are Sharing The Video As Well As Giving Their Opinion By Commenting On It.

One User Has Written, Are Eggless Cakes Really Eggless, It Is A Matter To Think, Even If It Is Eggless, Then The People And Utensils That Make It Are Beans, Earlier Milk Cakes Were Used At My House, Now I Bake Myself.

Another User Said People Will Stop Eating Cake After Seeing This, Third User Wrote Unhygienic Way Of Making Cake

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