In deep water, the woman did a dangerous stunt by holding her breath for 3 and a half minutes!

Woman Landed In 99 Feet Deep Water, Held Her Breath For 3 And A Half Minutes, Performed A Dangerous Stunt Video

A Woman Famous For Freediving Did Such An Underwater Feat That People Were Forced To Press Their Fingers Under Their Teeth.

This Time She Reached A Depth Of 99 Feet In A Narrow Cave Filled With Water.

The Name Of This 30-Year-Old Woman Is Bartender Tiffany Marie Owen, She Is From Florida, Usa.

In The Video, She Is Seen Entering A Narrow Hole At The Ginnie Springs Diving Area In Florida.

Tiffany, Wearing A Swimming Costume, Has A Selfie Stick In Her Hand And Glasses On Her Eyes, She Is Not Wearing Any Breathing Apparatus

Explain That Free Diving Is A Form Of Underwater Diving In Which Diving Is Done Underwater Without Any Breathing Equipment.

Free Diving Is Very Difficult, Sometimes Even Fatal, That'S Why Two Assistants Also Went With Tiffany For Support.

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