Make and store french fries, fry whenever you want and enjoy

Make And Store French Fries, Fry Whenever You Want And Enjoy 26 July 2023 By In

In Snacks, Many People Eat Fried French Fries With Chutney Or Sauce French Fries Credit Getty Images

In Restaurants, French Fries Are Pre-Made And Stored In The Fridge, After Which They Are Fried And Given To The Customer Credit Getty Images

You Can Also Adopt This Method Of Storing French Fries, Let'S Know How To Make And Store French Fries At Home Credit Getty Images

First Wash The Potatoes Well Then Peel Them Off.

Now Cut The Potatoes Lengthwise And Thinly Like French Fries And Put Them In A Bowl, Fill The Bowl With Water So That It Does Not Turn Black.

When All The French Fries Are Cut, Dry Them By Spreading Them On A Cloth. Credit Pixabay

After Drying, Wrap Them With Cornflour Credit Unsplash

Now Ziplock The French Fries And Store Them In The Fridge, They Will Stay Fresh For A Month Credit Getty Images

Whenever You Want, Take Them Out Of The Fridge And Make Them Normal, Then Fry Them In Hot Oil And Eat Them. Click Here For Other Food News.

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