Make and store soft and tasty banana cake at home, this is the recipe

Make And Store Soft And Tasty Banana Cake At Home, This Is The Recipe 27 July 2023 By In

The Taste Of Banana Cake Is Very Good, If It Is Very Soft, Then The Pleasure Of Eating Doubles. Banana Cake Credit Freepik

You Can Make This Delicious Cake And Store It In The Fridge, Let'S Know The Easy Recipe Credit Getty Images

1 Bowl Wheat Flour 4 Bananas 2 Eggs 12 Bowl Walnuts 14 Cups Milk If Desired 12 Tsp Baking Powder 12 Tsp Baking Soda 1 Tsp Vanilla Essence 14 Bowls Chinese Powder 45 Tbsp Oil Ingredients Credit Pixabay

First Of All, Break The Eggs In A Bowl And Beat Them Well, Then Mix All Four Bananas With Oil And Sugar Syrup.

Make A Batter By Adding Flour And Stirring It With A Spoon, Now Add Vanilla Essence Credit Pixabay

On The Other Hand, In A Bowl Add Baking Powder And Soda In 1 Tsp Oil And Add It To The Batter.

Finally Put Some Walnuts In The Batter And Stir It Lightly. Now Grease A Pan And Pour The Prepared Batter Into It. Credit Credit Name

Now Grease A Pan And Put The Prepared Batter In It, Put The Rest Of The Walnuts On Top Of It, But Do Not Mix It.

Put Salt In The Cooker Or Pan And Preheat It For About 10 Minutes, Then Keep The Stand And Put The Batter Pan On Top Of It Credit Getty Images

Put The Lid Of The Cooker Without Whistle, If Making It In A Pan, Cover It With A Big Plate Credit Getty Images

Cook The Cake On Low To Medium Heat For 40 Minutes. Banana Cake Is Ready Credit Pexels Click Here For More Food News

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