Make Brinjal Bharta like this without frying in oil, Jackie Shroff shares special recipe

Make Brinjal Bharta Without Tempering Like This Jackie Shroff Shares His Special Recipe 23 July 2023 By In

Steaming Hot Brinjal Bharta With Paratha Or Roti Is A Favorite Among People Due To Its Excellent Taste Oil Free Bengan Bharta Credit Flickr

Actor Jackie Shroff Also Likes Brinjal Bharta Very Much, He Has Shared The Recipe Of Brinjal Bharta With His Fans.

In This Recipe, You Do Not Even Need To Fry The Bharta In Oil And It Tastes Really Amazing, Let'S Know The Recipe Credit Flickr

To Make Brinjal Bharta, Use Small Brinjals, Not Big Ones. Wash And Dry Them Thoroughly Credit Getty Images

Now Cut The Brinjal And Put 1 Clove Of Garlic On One Side And Green Chillies On The Other Side Credit Getty Images

Turn On The Gas And Fry The Brinjals On A Direct Flame, During This Time You Can Grease The Brinjals With Light Oil Credit Flickr

If You Want, You Can Also Make It Without Applying Oil. When The Brinjals Are Roasted, Take Them Out In A Bowl And Separate The Peel Credit Getty Images

After This, Mash The Brinjal And Add Salt To It. If You Want, You Can Also Add Desired Spices. Mix The Bharta Well Credit Flickr

If You Want, You Can Also Add 1 Teaspoon Ghee To It, But It Tastes Delicious Even Without Oil, Eat It With Onions And Parathas Credit Flickr

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