Make frothy coffee like this, drinking it in the rainy season will be fun

This Is How To Make Frothy Coffee In Rainy Season And You Will Enjoy Drinking It 26 July 2023 By In

If You Get Hot Frothy Coffee In The Rainy Season, Then The Mind Becomes Happy Tasty Coffee Credit Pixabay

If You Want To Make And Drink Frothy Tasty Coffee Without A Machine, Then Note Down This Recipe Credit Pixabay

1 Tablespoon Of Coffee Powder 2 Teaspoons Of Sugar 2 Cups Of Milk A Pinch Of Chocolate Powder Ingredients Credit Pixabay

First Of All Add Some Milk Coffee Powder And Sugar In A Cup And Whisk It Well Credit Pixabay

Now Add A Little Hot Milk To It And Whisk It Again, Keep Whisking Until The Paste Is Completely Smooth, When It Starts Foaming, Stop Whisking. Credit Pixabay

Now Boil The Milk In A Pan On Medium Heat, When It Gets Hot, Put It In A Cup Of Coffee Credit Pixabay

Pour The Milk Into The Cup From A Height In Such A Way That The Coffee Foams Up Credit Unsplash

Serve Hot Hot Coffee By Adding Chocolate Powder As It Is Or With Snacks Credit Unsplash

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