Make tasty lemon pickle with only these 3 things, no oil, no spices

Make Tasty Lemon Pickle With Only These 3 Things, Neither Oil Nor Spices 24 July 2023 By In

Lemon Pickle Can Be Put In Any Season Of The Year. Dry, Wet, Sour And Sweet. Many Types Of Lemon Pickle Are Made. Lemon Peel Pickle

Usually A Lot Of Oil And Spices Are Added To Pickles, That'S Why Some People Refrain From Eating Pickles.

In Such A Situation, We Have Come Up With Such A Recipe For Lemon Peel Pickle, For Which You Neither Need Oil Nor Spices.

You Can Make Delicious Lemon Pickle With Salt, Black Pepper And Sugar Only. Whenever You Squeeze Lemon, You Can Store Its Peels And Make Pickle From Them Too.

First Squeeze 250 Grams Of Lemon And Fill The Juice In A Glass Bottle And Keep It In The Fridge And Separate The Peels.

Now Mix 25 Grams Black Pepper Powder, 25 Grams Salt And 1 Teaspoon Powdered Sugar In A Bowl.

Now Fill This Mix Powder In Lemon Peels By Hand And Keep The Peels Upside Down In A Glass Jar.

If You Like More Sour Then You Can Also Add Some Lemon Juice To It. Now Cover The Jar With A Cloth.

Sunlight This Pickle For 34 Days, After A Certain Time Your Tasty Lemon Peel Pickle Will Be Ready.

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