Drink Banana Shake In The Morning, Bring A New Twist To Taste With This Recipe 24 July 2023 By In

Many People Start Their Day With A Healthy Diet By Drinking Banana Shake Tasty Banana Shake Credit Freepik

Most People Mix Banana Milk And Sweetener And Drink It, If You Do Not Like The Taste Of Plain Banana Shake, Then You Must Try This Recipe Credit Freepik

Use Berries And Dry Fruits To Give A Fun Twist To Banana Shake, Believe Me Adding These Will Double Its Taste Credit Freepik

1 Cup Banana 1 Cup Milk 14 Cups Cream 12 Tsp Vanilla Essence ½ Cup Crushed Ice 2 Tbsp Pistachios And Almonds Soaked Overnight Berries Soaked For A Few Hours Ingredients

To Make 1 Glass Of Banana Shake, Soak 4 Almonds In A Bowl Overnight.

Finely Chop The Pistachios The Next Day And Soak The Berries For A Few Hours Creditpexels

Now Put Cold Milk, Banana And Ice In The Mixer Jar And Stir Credit Freepik

Add Cream On Top And Mix It With A Spoon, Also Add Dry Fruits And Berries Credit Freepik

Your Banana Shake Is Ready Enjoy Credit Freepik

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