Only a miracle saved Titan's 5 billionaires ... Oxygen is about to end

Now Only Miracles Save The 5 Billionaires Of Titan Oxygen Is About To End 22 June 2023 By In

On Sunday, The Submarine Showing The Wreckage Of The World'S Most Famous Ship Titanic Went Missing In The Depths Of The Ocean.

The Submarine Went Missing 900 Nautical Miles East Of Cape Cod Off The Us Coast.

Five Billionaires Were Aboard The Submarine, Who Went Out To See The Wreckage Of The Titanic Ship, For Which $ 25 Million, Or About Rs 23 Crore, Was Spent Per Person.

Ever Since Contact With The Submarine Was Lost, Efforts Were Made To Contact It But All Efforts Failed. Marine Search Expert David Gallo Said Rescue Is Going To Be Almost Impossible. Now We Need A Miracle, But Miracles Do Happen.

Titan Is A Small Capsule-Shaped Submarine With A Maximum Capacity Of Five People

The Submarine Is 67 Meters Long, 28 Meters Wide And 25 Meters High. It Has Only 96 Hours Of Oxygen.

The Submarine Has No Seats But A Flat Floor On Which Five People Can Sit.

There Is No Space For People To Spread Their Feet Inside The 21 Feet Long Submarine.

The Titan Submarine Has A Window Just 21 Inches In Diameter To Look Out

Titan Is Made Of Carbon Fiber And For The First Time In 2021 It Landed In The Water To Show The Wreckage Of Titanic But That Attempt Was Unsuccessful

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