Pakistan: Nasrullah's neighbors said this about Anju

Pakhtoons Are The Guest Of Anju In Pakistan, What Did Nasrullah'S Neighbors Say By In

After Seema Haider, There Is Talk Of A Woman Named Anju In India And Pakistan. Anju Has Reached Khyber Pakhtunkhwa In Pakistan From Rajasthan.

She Fell In Love With Pakistani Nasrullah Through Facebook, Then She Reached Deer Bala In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa To Meet Him.

Anju Is Still Living At Nasrullah'S House, Meanwhile The Reaction Of Nasrullah'S Neighbors Has Also Come To The Fore.

According To Bbc, Faridullah, An Influential Personality Of Nasrullah'S Area, Said That Anju Is A Guest Of Pakhtuns And Daughter-In-Law Too.

According To Faridullah, Anju Can Stay Here As Long As She Wants, She Will Not Face Any Problem, All The Facilities Will Be Provided To Her.

Faridullah Says That Women Are Constantly Going To Meet Anju, Giving Her Gifts And Also Assuring Her Not To Worry About Anything.

Faridullah Told That Anju Had Reached Here On Friday Morning, At That Time It Was Raining Heavily, So People Could Not Welcome Her.

The Local People Are Curious About Anju, They Want To Meet Her And Want To Talk, Although The Local Police Are Also Active.

Deer Bala Police Officer Mushtaq Said Anju'S Visa Documents Have Been Found To Be Correct, She Will Be Given Full Security And Her Privacy Will Also Be Taken Care Of

It Is Being Told That Anju Will Return To India After The Visa Expires On August 20. She Left After Telling Her Husband Arvind To Go To Jaipur.

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