Prepare Soya Chaap Stick at home, the recipe is very easy

Make And Prepare Soya Chap Stick At Home Very Easy Recipe 28 July 2023 By In

Soychaap Also Has Its Own Craze In Street Side Food, People Are Eager To Taste Its Different Flavors Soya Chaap Stick

Many People Buy Frozen Soya Chaap From The Market And Cook And Eat It At Home. If You Want, You Can Make Soya Chaap Stick At Home.

Soybean Soybean Chunks 1 Cup Flour Salt Ingredients

First Of All Soak 1 Cup Soya Bean In Water Overnight So That It Swells And Boil For 20 Minutes In The Morning

Boil Them Well, Then Put Them In A Mixer And Make A Paste And Take Them Out In A Bowl.

Now Mix Flour And Salt In The Paste Kept In This Bowl, Then Knead The Dough With Warm Water.

For This Add Soya Bean Paste And Soya Chunks Paste, 1 Cup All Purpose Flour And 1 Teaspoon Salt In A Bowl And Mix It Well, Now Add Some Water To It And Knead The Dough.

Now Take Small Balls Of This Dough And Roll It In The Shape Of A Roti And With The Help Of A Knife Cut It Into Thin Slices Credit Pixabay

Roll These Slices On An Ice Cream Stick, Now Put These Soybean Sticks In Boiling Water And Cook Credit Facebook Renu Sehgal

When They Are Cooked, Keep Them To Cool. After Cooling, Soak The Soya Sticks In Cold Water For A Few Minutes.

Your Homemade Soya Chaap Is Ready, You Can Also Store It In The Freezer Credit Trade India Click Here For Other Food News

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