Saba celebrated Muharram in the village, fed langar, spoke to haters

Sabah Celebrated Muharram In The Village, Fed Langar And Told Haters Not To Get Involved In This Issue 28 July 2023 Photo Source Instagram

After Marriage, Youtuber Saba Ibrahim Is Busy Traveling In Mumbai And Maudaha.

But Saba Keeps Going To Her Maternal Home In Mumbai In Connection With Work. After The Delivery Of Sister-In-Law Deepika And Welcome Of The Baby, Saba Has Returned To Her In-Laws House.

Moudaha Has Come For Sabah Muharram Langar Is Kept In Her Village On Muharram Sabah Shows Glimpses Of Preparations And Procession Of Langar In Vlog

Saba Told That After Years She Saw Muharram In Maudaha. As A Child, She Used To Celebrate Muharram With Her Family In The Village. After A Long Time, She Re-Lived This Moment.

Saba Also Replied To Haters Some People Trolled Her For Celebrating Muharram People Said You Are Shia Who Are Celebrating Muharram

Saba And Her Husband Sunny Told Haters That There Is No Shia Or Sunni Issue To Celebrate Muharram, It Has Been Created By Sectarian People.

Sunny Said That Shias Celebrate Muharram, There Is Nothing Like That For Those Who Were Martyred For Islam, So Can'T We Keep Fasting For Them?

Sabah Said, Don'T Get Into The Issue Of Shia And Sunni Who Is Doing What, Do Your Own Thing Which Belongs To Everyone.

Sabah'S Vlogs Are Very Much Liked By The Fans. After The Miscarriage, Sabah'S Life Is Now Back To Normal.

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