Snake inside a moving train! There was a commotion among the passengers, Photos

Passengers Started Running Here And There On Seeing The Snake That Was Crawling Inside The Train

There Was A Stir In The Moving Train When The Passengers Saw A Snake Crawling On The Floor

The Snake Was Moving Near The Door Of The Train, Seeing It, The Passengers Started Running Here And There In Fear.

A Traveler Has Shared Pictures Of The Snake On Social Media, The Matter Is Of England.

According To The Daily Mail, The Train Was Going From Shipley To Leeds When A Snake Corn Snake Was Seen Crawling On The Floor.

The Snake Was Crawling Here And There Near The Door Of The Train, Maybe It Was Looking For A Way Out

Passengers Were Surprised To See Him, While Sharing The Photo Of The Snake, He Wrote On Twitter, This Scene Was Seen In The Train Going From Shipley To Leeds.

Another Wrote, "Oh My God, Snakes Are Also Traveling In The Train." The Third Said, "Snake Should Not Bite Anyone."

Although The Snake Was Safely Taken Out Of The Train After Calling The Emergency Service, It Did Not Harm Anyone.

Experts Told That Corn Snakes Are Not Poisonous But Train Passengers Were Unaware Of This, So Panic Spread In The Coach.

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