Soft and puffy will be made even on induction

Adopt These Tricks To Make Soft And Fluffy Rotis Even On Induction 24 July 2023 By In

Nowadays Everyone Has An Induction Along With Gas Stove In Their Kitchen Chapati On Induction Tips Credit Pexels

Sometimes People Cook On It When The Gas Runs Out Or To Save Gas. Bachelors Also Keep Induction With Them. Credit Getty Images

People Find It Difficult To Make Puffy And Soft Rotis On Induction, In Fact It Is Not So, By Following Some Tips Properly You Can Make Puffy Rotis.

First Of All, Keep In Mind That For Making Rotis On Induction, Knead Soft Dough Credit Unsplash

Now We Will Turn On The Induction, We Will Keep The Pan With Induction Base On It, During This Keep The Temperature At 300400 Credit Getty Images

When You Put The Roti On The Griddle, Then Make The Temperature Around 700

While Rolling The Roti, Use Flour Properly, It Will Not Stick To The Roti Credit Getty Images

When The Roti Gets Lightly Roasted On The Griddle, Roast It By Rotating It With A Cloth.

Rotate The Roti Even After Turning It On The Other Side, Remember To Rotate The Roti From The Edges With Light Hands, By Doing This The Roti Will Puff Up.

If You Press And Roll The Roti, It Will Not Rise

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