The girl suddenly disappeared from the closed room, after 6 months the secret was revealed

The Girl Suddenly Disappeared From The Closed Room, After 6 Months The Creepy Secret Was Revealed By In 20 May 2023

Born On February 10, 1996, Skyler Nice Lived With Her Parents In Morgantown, West Virginia.

She Was Very Smart In Studies, From The Time Of High School, She Also Started Doing Part Time Job So That She Could Take Out Her Own Pocket Money.

On July 5, 2012, Skyler Returned From Work, Told Her Parents That She Was Tired, So She Would Go To Bed Early, Then She Went To Her Room.

The Next Day, Skyler'S Father Noticed That She Did Not Open The Door For A Long Time. He Called Out To His Daughter And Knocked On The Door, But There Was No Response From Inside.

Panicking To Remove The Moisture From The Curry Leaves, They Broke Open The Door To Find That Their Daughter Was Not There. Father David Called Skyler'S Mother Mary.

The Mother Said That She Would Probably Be With Her Best Friend, Shelia Eddy.

When David Talks To Shelia, She Says That Skyler Is Not With Her.

They Registered A Case With The Police, When The Police Started The Investigation, They Found That On The Night Of The Incident, Skyler Had Left For Somewhere In A Car.

The Investigation Continued, Then A Full 6 Months After The Incident, Rachel Shouf, A Friend Of Skyler, Told The Police That She And Shelia Together Killed Skyler.

Rachel Told That Both Of Them Did Not Like Skyler, They Wanted To Break Their Friendship With Her, So They Also Started Ignoring Her.

When That Didn'T Satisfy Him, He First Called Skyler On The Pretext Of A Night Out With Him.

Skyler Also Came Out Of The Window Of The Room At Night And Went To Walk With Them, But There Both Of Them Attacked With Knives And Killed Skyler.

The Court Convicted Both The Girls For The Crime And Sentenced Rachel To 30 Years In Prison And Shelia To Life Imprisonment.

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