The handsome serial killer to whom girls used to send love letters in jail

The Handsome Serial Killer To Whom Girls Used To Send Love Letters In Jail

Richard Ramirez Was Born On February 29, 1960, In El Paso, Texas, Usa, His Childhood Was Not Very Good, The Reason Was That His Parents Often Fought With Each Other.

When He Turned 12, One Day He Went To His Cousin Mike'S House, Where Mike Killed His Wife In Front Of Richard On A Small Matter.

The Effect Of This Was So Much On Richard That He Also Felt Like Killing. When He Grew Up, Being Influenced By Mike, He Also Chose The Path Of Crime.

In June 1984, He Raped A 79-Year-Old Widow And Then Stabbed Her To Death. When The Police Could Not Catch Him, His Spirits Became Stronger.

Then He Started Killing People For Fun. Ramirez Didn'T Know How To Hide Evidence. He Left Many Clues For The Police, But The Police Still Could Not Catch Him.

He Kept On Crime After Crime, Meanwhile He Joined The Satanic Society, This Society Used To Worship Satan.

Due To Joining This Society And Being Intoxicated Throughout The Day, Remirez Began To Feel That Whatever He Is Doing Is Right, For This Work The Devil Has Chosen Him.

In This Way, One By One He Carried Out 13 Murders, 11 Rapes And 14 Dacoities, People Came To Know Him By The Name Of 'Night Stalker'.

But With The Help Of Some Victims, The Police Got His Sketch Prepared, Then One Day He Was Arrested While He Was Roaming In The Market.

Remirez Was Sentenced To Death On November 20, 1989, After Being Convicted By The Court. It Is Said That He Was Sentenced To Death A Total Of 19 Times.

When Ramirez Was In Prison, He Started Receiving Love Letters From Girls, One Of Whom Was Doreen Lioy, A Magazine Editor.

She Wrote More Than 75 Love Letters For About 11 Years And Used To Visit Ramirez Four To Five Times A Week

In The Year 1996, Ramirez Married Doreen Inside The Jail But Their Relationship Could Not Last Long And Doreen Divorced Him.

Then On June 7, 2013, Richard Ramirez Died Of Liver Failure Inside The Prison.

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