This actress came to perform Haj after accepting Islam, know why it is important

This Actress Came To Perform Hajj After Accepting Islam, Know Why It Is Important

Nigerian Actress Mercy Aigbe, Who Converted To Islam Last Year, Has Arrived In Saudi To Perform Haj

Mercy Agbe Has Also Shared Her Photos On Instagram While Performing Hajj From The Grand Mosque Of Mecca.

Nigerian Celebrity Mercy Aigbe Along With Her Husband And Filmmaker Kazeem Adeoti Have Also Reached Saudi Arabia To Perform Haj.

In The Year 2022, Mercy Aigbe Converted To Islam After Marrying Filmmaker Kazim.

After Accepting Islam, 45-Year-Old Mercy Took The Knowledge Of Namaz-Quran, After Which She Has Now Come To Perform Haj.

Explain That In Islam, Except For Some Special Circumstances, It Is Mandatory For Every Muslim Who Is Above 12 Years Of Age To Perform Hajj.

For This Reason, Muslims Around The World Definitely Wish To Go On Hajj Once In Their Life

It Is Believed In Islam That After Performing Hajj, A Person Becomes Pure And Clean Like A Newborn Baby, All Sins Are Forgiven.

If Someone Is Not Financially Or Physically Capable Of Going To Hajj, Then He Is Exempted From Hajj.

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