This woman goes to the market to buy groceries from the plane! reason given

Omg Village So Far Away From City Woman Goes By Plane To Get Groceries Credit Salina Alsoworthinsta

A Woman Told That Under What Circumstances She Lives With Her Family In The Most Remote Village Of The World.

She Has To Use A Mini Plane To Go To The Market To Get Her Daily Supplies

According To Mirror'S Report, The Name Of This 25-Year-Old Woman Is Selina Ellsworth, She Lives In Port Ellsworth, Alaska, Usa.

According To Celina, She Has To Go About 300 Km Away From The Mini Plane To Get Groceries Or Other Essentials.

Port Alsworth Is An Area Situated On Remote Mountains, There Are No Facilities For Shops, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Etc.

This Area Is So Remote That The Population Here Is Only 186, When Tourists Come, Then This Number Increases To 400.

Celina'S Family Has Lived Here Since The 1940S Locals Use A Miniplane To Travel As There Is No Road

Celina, Along With Her Husband Jared Richardson, Continues To Introduce People To The Area On Social Media.

Although This Place Is Very Beautiful, People Come Here To Visit, But Living In This Area Is Very Challenging.

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