Titanici Ready To See Amazing Pictures Of The Ship

Australian Mining Billionaire Clive Palmer'S Company Blue Star Line Has Built A Ship That Looks Like The Titanic

The Company Has Tried Its Best To Ensure That The Interior Of The Ship Is Similar To The Old Titanic, In Which The Wooden Stairs And All The Furniture Have Been Kept As Before.

According To A Report In The Daily Star, Clive Had Announced The Construction Of Titanic'S Replica On 30 April 2012.

It Has Been Designed Exactly Like The Previous Ship, As Well As It Will Be Run On The Same Route In Which The Old Titanic Sank.

Blue Star Company Had Announced Its Launch In The Year 2016 But This Plan Got Postponed.

Then It Was To Be Launched In The Year 2018, That Too Could Not Happen.

After This, It Was Announced That It Will Be Launched In The Year 2022, But Due To Some Ongoing Disputes Regarding Money, Its Launch Has Been Delayed Again.

According To The Report Of The World Press, New Dates For Its Launch Have Not Been Revealed Yet.

But Everyone Is Eagerly Waiting For The Launch Of This Ship

Let Us Tell You That On April 15, 1912, A Ship Full Of 2200 Passengers Sank In The Atlantic Ocean, In Which 1500 People Died Due To Drowning.

It Was Said That This Ship Could Never Sink, But It Sank In The Very First Attempt.

To Pay Tribute To The Same Titanic, Its Replica Has Been Made, It Is Named Titanicii

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