Titan's tests must have blown away, there must have been a terrible explosion, Viral Video will scare

Titan Would Have Blown Away In Seconds, Viral Video Will Scare You

The Titanic Ship Accident Is Considered To Be The World'S Biggest Ship Accident, The Titan Submarine That Went To Show Its Wreck Has Also Become A Victim Of An Accident With Five People.

The Company'S Submarine Named Ocean Gate Has Become A Victim Of An Explosion In The Sea And All The Passengers Aboard Have Been Killed.

The American Coast Guard, Which Is Conducting A Search Operation For The Submarine, Has Said That The Submarine Was Shattered In A Catastrophic Implosion.

Catastrophic Implosion Is The Opposite Of A Normal Explosion In Which An Object Collapses On Itself Due To Pressure And Breaks Into Smaller Pieces.

The People On Board The Submarine Would Not Have Even Known What Happened To Them And They Would Have Died

Dr. Del Mole, Former Director Of Marine Medicine In The Us Navy, Said It Must Have Happened So Suddenly That People Must Have Been Blown To Shreds.

The Submarine Went Missing In The Atlantic Ocean On Sunday, After Which A Rescue Operation Was Being Carried Out.

The Wreckage Of The Titan Was Found At Some Distance From The Wreckage Of The Titanic Ship Late Thursday.

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