Very soft Fruit Cake Rusk can be made without oven, try this recipe at home

Try This Recipe To Make Soft Custard Cake At Home Without Oven 24 July 2023 By In

The Taste Of Soft Custard Cake Is Very Good, You Must Have Seen Its Box At The Tea Shop.

You Can Easily Prepare This Delicious Custard Cake In Your Kitchen Without Oven, Let'S Know How Credit Getty Images

First Of All Sift 15 Cups Of All Purpose Flour In A Big Bowl, Sift 14 Cups Of Custard Powder And Mix It.

To Make The Cake Fluffy, Add 1 Teaspoon Of Baking Powder And Half A Teaspoon Of Baking Soda To It.

Put A Stand In The Pan On The Gas, Cover It And Leave It On Low Flame For 5 Minutes So That It Gets Preheated Like An Oven.

Now Put 1 Cup Sugar Powder In A Bowl, Add Half Cup Of This Cup Oil, Vanilla Essence, Honey And Butter And Mix It Well Credit Pixaby

Add 1 Cup Of Milk And Milk Cream To The Batter Of Oil And Sugar And Whisk It Well Credit Pixabay

Now Take A Cake Tin, First Grease It Lightly With Olive Oil And Also Sprinkle Flour Credit Pixabay

Add A Little Flour To 1 Cup Tutti Frutti And Mix It.

Now Add Oil Batter To The Dry Mix We Had Prepared And Stir It Well So That There Is No Lump In It Credit Pixabay

Add Tutti Frutti To This Mixture, After That Pour The Batter Into The Cake Tin And Spread It.

Now Turn On The Gas And Place The Cake Tin On The Stand Placed In The Pan Credit Freepik

Cover The Pan Well And Cook The Cake On Low Flame For About 30 Minutes.

After The Fixed Time, Your Cake Will Be Ready, Take It Out In A Plate, Cut It And Serve It.

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