Want to make perfect dosa like South? Follow this right way to make batter

Want To Make Perfect Dosa Like South Follow This Right Way To Make Batter 24 July 2023 By In

South Indian Dosa Of India Is Famous All Over The Country And People Enjoy It With Sambhar And Chutney South Style Dosa Batter Credit Pexels

Even At Home, People Try To Make Dosa With Such Taste, But Do Not Enjoy It, Many People Dosa Batter Is Not Very Good Credit Freepik

If You Want To Make South Indian Style Dosa Then Take Special Care Of Its Batter Credit Freepik

Rice 2 Cups 500 Grams Urad Dal 12 Cups Chana Dal 2 Tbsp Poha 14 Cups Fenugreek Seeds 1 Tsp Salt As Required Ingredients Credit Pexels

You Have To Measure Half A Cup Of The Cup In Which You Have Measured The Rice And Take The Dal.

After That Put Lentils, Rice And Fenugreek Seeds In A Big Bowl And Wash It 3 To 4 Times, After That Soak It In Water For 45 Hours Credit Freepik

Filter The Mixture After A Certain Time And Separate The Water Credit Freepik

Now Put The Mixture Of Lentils And Rice In A Mixer Jar And Grind It, Meanwhile We Will Also Add Poha To It Credit Getty Images

While Grinding, Add Half A Cup Of Water To It, If The Batter Is Made Well Then Mix It And Take It Out In A Big Bowl Credit Freepik

Don'T Add Salt To The Batter Right Now, The Dosa Will Ferment Slowly Credit Flickr

Cover The Bowl Of Batter Well And Keep It In A Warm Place To Ferment Credit Freepik

Check The Batter After 8 To 9 Hours, It Must Have Swelled Well, You Will See Small Bubbles In It Credit Flickr

You Can Make Perfect And Crispy Dosa With This Leavened Batter, Add Salt To It 5 Minutes Before You Want To Make Dosa Credit Flickr

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