When the director fraudulently shot the objectionable scene of the actress, legal steps had to be taken

When The Director Fraudulently Shot The Objectionable Scene Of The Actress, Legal Action Had To Be Taken 28 July 2023 Photo Source Instagram

Ayesha Julka'S 1993 Film Dalal Was A Superhit, But Despite This The Actress Was Not Happy, She Had A Lot Of Tussle With The Makers Ayesha Julka Celebrated Her 51St Birthday

Ayesha Was Cheated By The Director-Producer Of The Film Due To Which She Had To Fight A Legal Battle.

Actually, After Hearing The Name Of This Film, Ayesha Refused To Do The Film, But She Agreed After Listening To Mithun Chakraborty And The Film Maker'S Wife.

Because Ayesha Was Very Clear From The Beginning Of Her Career That She Will Not Do Any Revealing Scene Or Body Part On Screen.

But During The Shooting, Without His Knowledge, The Makers Got A Rape Scene Shot Using A Body Double, In Which He Was Shown In A Very Objectionable Position.

But When A Trial Show Was Done After The Dubbing Of The Film, It Came To Know That A Journalist Called And Informed Ayesha About This.

Then Ayesha Came To Know That She Was Cheated, She Fought With The Makers And Demanded An Apology, When She Was Not Listened To, The Actress Had To Resort To Law.

After This, The Makers Of Dalal Film Had To Apologize To Him In Writing But It Definitely Left A Stain On His Career.

Ayesha Made A Comeback In The Industry With The Web Series Hush Hush, After Which She Was Also Seen In Happy Family Conditions Apply.

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