Woman saw 'glimpse' of dead son while performing Haj, this video will make you cry

The Glimpse Of The Dead Son Seen By The Woman While Performing Haj Will Make Her Emotional Video

An Elderly Egyptian Woman Who Went To Hajj Could Not Stop Herself From Seeing The Lookalike Of Her Dead Son

Egyptian Old Woman Started Calling Unknown Young Man My Son My Son

Seeing The Affection Of An Elderly Woman Missing Her Son, A Stranger Kissed Her Forehead With Love.

In The Video, The Elderly Woman Is Also Seen Telling Her Heartfelt Words To The Son'S Lookalike Young Man While Crying.

The Lookalike Of The Woman'S Son Promised That He Would Keep Visiting Her In Egypt And Also Gave Her His Phone Number.

Special Coating Has Been Done On The Roads To Protect The Pilgrims From The Heat In The Hot Sun.

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